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        為了保護電子資源的知識產權,維護我校的聲譽,也為了保證廣大合法用戶的正當權益,圖書館要求各使用單位和個人重視并遵守電子資源知識產權的有關規定?!?br />




        (1) 通知所在單位領導,違規當事人于三個工作日內到圖書館接受調查并提交書面檢討,圖書館向全校范圍發布通報批評;
        (2) 停止借書權限半年;
        (3) 凍結網絡帳號兩個月。



        In order to protect the intellectual property rights in electronic resources, to save the reputation of our University and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorized users as well, the library appeals to all the organizations and individuals to pay attention to and comply with the regulations on intellectual property rights in electronic resources.

        1. Any downloading of the library-subscribed electronic resources by network downloading software tools is prohibited.

        2. Any systematically over-downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.

        3. Any redistributing electronic literatures to non-Tsinghua users and any use of these electronic literatures for the purpose of making profits are prohibited.

        4. Without the prior permission of the library, neither organization nor individual has the right to provide non-Tsinghua users to access the library-subscribed electronic resources via proxy server.

        5. If there is any violation of the above rules, the library will make a detailed investigation together with university departments concerned. The violator will be punished by the following acts:
        (1) Report to the academic department and criticize in the campus.
        (2) Suspend his library privileges for six months.
        (3) Suspend his network acount for two months.

        If there is any serious violation, the violator will be reported to the university and all the legal consequences and liabilities will be taken by the violator himself.